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RT Documents

1985 - Assembly of Sofia
World Tourism Organization

1995 - Paper of Lanzarote
First world assempbly about soustainable tourism

1996 - Declaration of

Bureau International du Tourisme Social

2001 - Ethic code of

World Tourism Organization

2008 - Paper of Rimini
Second world assempbly about soustainable tourism

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What is it the Responsible Tourism


Responsible (sustainable, social) tourism is a type of tourism put into practice following economic and social justice principles, completely respecting both local environment and culture.

Responsible tourism acknowledge the centrality of the local hosting community and its right of being the main character in sustainable and socially responsible tourism development. This kind of tourism works towards a positive interaction between industry and tourism and between local communities and travelers.


Definition of Responsible Tourism AITR (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile)

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