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RT Documents

1985 - Assembly of Sofia
World Tourism Organization

1995 - Paper of Lanzarote
First world assempbly about soustainable tourism

1996 - Declaration of

Bureau International du Tourisme Social

2001 - Ethic code of

World Tourism Organization

2008 - Paper of Rimini
Second world assempbly about soustainable tourism

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How to read the phenomenon of responsible tourism

ComeLeggere "The land and the food sovereignty.

Practicing a true and sensitive (ripe) responsible tourism is possible only within a local environment in which several components interact in an harmonic way. The ambit is a local touristic system, which dwellers, informed in a correct way, have made their own choices in.


Before, meanwhile and after.

Before” is the preparation to the trip, and it comprehend – psychologically speaking – even a correct expectation. The “before” feeds itself with imagery. [...] after that, there is the diligence for the preparation: equipment, logistics for the itineraries, bureaucracy matters, guides finding and bibliography. The responsible “meanwhile” consists in a partial sharing of the local everyday life, not looking for privileges at all costs, by proper behaviour and both periods of widening and rest. “After” provides feedbacks, evaluations and maybe alteration of course for all stakeholders. .


Renzo Garrone

Turismo Responsabile. Nuovi paradigmi per viaggiare in terzo Mondo

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