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1985 - Assembly of Sofia
World Tourism Organization

1995 - Paper of Lanzarote
First world assempbly about soustainable tourism

1996 - Declaration of

Bureau International du Tourisme Social

2001 - Ethic code of

World Tourism Organization

2008 - Paper of Rimini
Second world assempbly about soustainable tourism

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From "tourist" to "critic customer"

ConsumatoriCritici “The tourist, as a customer, owns remarkable potentialities. If he or she is together with other customers can exert his or her power towards the services and tour operator provider. For a responsible tourism, people who travel (in group or alone) ought to ask tour operators and agencies to have an environmental and social ethic principle. But at the very beginning, increasing customers awareness is needed.


Tourists have to understand if the tourism in the neighbourhood is managed with the agreement of the local communities or if it is “property” of foreigner entrepreneurs, or of the “élite”. They ought to be told about the story of the building they accept to stay in. They ought to speak with waiters and laundresses of their work conditions in an involving way. The typology of questions the customer asks, will surely affect the offer. The operators themselves, sooner or later, will have to cooperate with local authorities to fund improvements if the final client asks for it loudly.


A motivated tourist can start a constructive relationship with the lodging owner, dialectic, open, helping both of them to better understand their point of views, the demand and the supply ones.”.

Renzo Garrone

Turismo Responsabile. Nuovi paradigmi per viaggiare in terzo Mondo

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