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1985 - Assembly of Sofia
World Tourism Organization

1995 - Paper of Lanzarote
First world assempbly about soustainable tourism

1996 - Declaration of

Bureau International du Tourisme Social

2001 - Ethic code of

World Tourism Organization

2008 - Paper of Rimini
Second world assempbly about soustainable tourism

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Reality principle


“Responsible tourism suggests journeys and stays always pursuing the awareness of the destination reality, and even anchoring to the land where this awareness happens.


Every kind of tourism imply shocking impacts and contradictions. “To act” is never neutral. Responsible tourism means doing acts making the others grow up and giving them benefits. Of course, it’s a sort of distraction from our own way of life, but to deeply analyse, enjoy and study the other ones.
A journey in contact with different situations frequently triggers a process that leads to the tourist’s spiritual enrichment. The comparisons with the one’s own context build up, at a certain time, by this typology of processes, that can lead to deep reflections […] even on one’s own belonging.


The core of the experience, the true personal enrichment because of our destination, always lies on the outcomes of the encounters and confrontation, and on the attempts of mutual comprehension.


"How" is more important than "How much".


Renzo Garrone

Turismo Responsabile. Nuovi paradigmi per viaggiare in terzo Mondo


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