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The province of Tapoa, in Burkina Faso, is located in the periphery of the trans-border Park W. The project areas is characterized by problems concerning environmental sustainability, management of natural resources and conflicts between farmers and shepherds. The rural districts of Diapaga, Logobou and Tambaga, suffer from intensive exploitation of soil, harming natural resources and food security. The Park, together with other natural attractions in the area could contribute to the solution of these problems, by creating new sources of income and reducing the pressure on natural resources. An essential condition is that touristic activities to be carried out are compliant with the Local Development Plans for Poverty Reduction and Environmental Conservation, which are currently being approved by the Municipalities.


Direct Beneficiaries
  • Burkina Faso: about 9.000 people including rural population, local craftsmen, local guides, children, Local Authorities of Diapaga, Tambaga e Logobou.
Indirect Beneficiaries
  • The population of the Districts of Diapaga, Logobou, and Tambaga, for an overall amount of 70,000 people.


  • Training Hotel & Hospitality.
  • Support to participatory processes in land planning, in the framework of Local Development Plans
  • Creation of 3 handicraft centres and training of managers and craftsmen.
  • Creation of 2 home-stay in the villages of Tambaga and Logobou and of a centre for the production and sale of handicrafts.
  • Identification, development and promotion of naturalistic tours, climbing paths on Banfora cliff, bike and mule tours in and outside the Park, trainings to Eco-Guides Association members in Diapaga
  • Creation of an Eco-Tourism and Environmental Conservation Centre for Environmental Education of local youth and tourists.