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Objectives and results


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o contribute to the improvement of life conditions in Zanzibar, in the Provinces of Pichincha and Tapoa, in terms of poverty reduction, improvement of work conditions, with special attention to women and youth empowerment. To support non-State Actors and Local authorities in Zanzibar, Province of Pichincha (Ecuador) and Tapoa (Burkina Faso) in Pro Poor Tourism initiatives aimed at increasing income generation capacity in rural areas, in a framework of cultural and environmental sustainability.

Expected Results:

Training in Hotel and Hospitality and in economical sectors related to tourism, as a contribution to poverty reduction through initiatives of Non-State Actors and Local Authorities. Proper management of natural resources, promotion of sound cultural and environmental areas. Participation of Non-State Actors and local Authorities to the creation of a network at local and international level for the communication and exchange of good practices concerning tourism development and environmental conservation.